Pattaya walking street

Pattaya walking street is the top nightlife area in the city.

The idea is, drink, eat, dance, don’t think and have fun. Walking street is home of about 1000 pretty and positive thinking Pattaya bar girls who are chasing the the foreigners and most foreigners like it. Often the games with the Pattaya girls end up in a hotel for a quickie or more, there are also some good tattoo shops.

Similar street can be found everywhere in south east Asia. At Yangon Myanmar its Dengize in Chinatown, at Penang Georgetown its right in the center, at Phuket its Bangla Road Patong and other places. But in Asia only in Thailand and the Philippines it is to such an extend.

There are several small side streets with again hundreds of prettyPattaya girls and gay bars. This nightlife is just the right destination for every guy looking for women, fun and more.

Club and bar hopping, that’s what walking street is for, hit the dance floor of the discos, there is also live music at several places and dazzling neon lights plus myriads of pretty ladies. Great open air seafood restaurant right at the waterfront.

Pattaya walking street with Pattaya girls gay bars
Pattaya walking street

This dozens of nightlife spots makes Pattaya Walking Street one of the most popular nightlife zone in Thailand. Also street food is available for very low prices, but that often mean low quality.

It is very inviting, exotic and full of excitement not only for a single guy, women and couples but for the whole family, there are also plenty of hotels and resorts around this area.

Probably about 5.000 girls and guys flock in for the nightshift, they come from all over the country to find a job in the the business, new newest

Pattaya Bars

Pattaya Bars with women for business

Go-go dancing bar girls

Go-go dancing bar girls

street food at beach road

street food at beach road

additions are Russian girls in Pattaya.

Dozens of mini skirted women and lady boys stand in front of the houses and try to lure the foreigners into, starting a flirt to get the guy into the bar and maybe more.

Even at low season it is very busy here since attractive go-go dancer etc. are here during the whole year. The weather is good even during rainy season the sun is shining some hours during the day and the climate and temperature is warm anyway, means full of tourists almost all time.

This went on since the Vietnam War when the US navy anchor their vessels several times a year in front of the each and soldiers had fun with beer, girls and bam bam.

Plenty of restaurant serve a variety of food such as Thai food, Italian, Arab food, Chinese, German, Japanese, Indian, Russian, Korean and other serve the hungry.

Pattaya at night
walking street at night
Russian girls Pattaya
Russian girls in Pattaya
street restaurant in Pattaya beach road
street food at beach road


Restaurant along the street

Pattaya RestaurantPattaya at night with restaurant and sea food
Pattaya at night with restaurant and sea food
Restaurants at walking street