Where to buy or rent property in Pattaya

Buying or renting anywhere in a foreign country like Thailand can be a real pain in the but for most people. But it really doesn’t have to be something that is going to be difficult either. Renting in Thailand is very simple most places only want 2 months + first months rent in advance that’s pretty standard anywhere so if you get asked for anything higher than that ask yourself if this is a scam.

Lots of people are worried about not getting your deposit back especially if you are paying big bucks for the apartment. This is where renting from a reputable real estate company in Thailand is important. These people are less likely you rip you off because they have a reputation they would like to keep, even if you don’t think much about real estate agents it’s the smartest thing to do in Thailand especially Pattaya.

If your looking for condos for sale in Pattaya or condos for rent in Pattaya then the guys over at Pattaya Condos are the people to speak with. But as with anything you should really do your homework, here is a list of some other real estate agents in Pattaya.