Pattaya GoGo girls

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There is something going on at Pattaya GoGo,

the girls are moving their backs, the music is loud, ladies are laughing and the guys enjoy watching when they slowly get drunk. All this is about bar ladies drinking, having fun and be turned on by the girls so they can go with the guys for some horizontal  business elsewhere.

The name of the game is GoGo Thailand or agogo,

this is not only at Pattaya GoGo bars this is in many big cities in Asia, the Americas and at a few places in Europe but the best is without doubt in Thailand, usually in places such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Hat Yai and elsewhere.

Sometimes there are some restrictions on dancing then they call the business massage or karaoke bar but the result is the same.

Pattaya go-go girls
Pattaya go-go girls
Pattaya go-go bar
Pattaya go-go bar
Pattaya go-go girl
Pattaya go-go girl
Pattaya male go-go dancer or Pattaya gay
Pattaya male go-go dancer or Pattaya gay.
gogo girls
GoGo girls
ladyboys gogo
Ladyboys gogo

No need to think too much about all the maybe or what could be or whatever on your trip to find some pleasant adventure with nice girls, just ignore all this nonsense the western media is blowing out on this subject. At least 90% of western media, NGO’s and UN people and agencies have not the smallest idea what they are talking about the relation between foreign guys and local girls and women on this subject, but they are firmly against it, they usually have never seen anything, experienced anything but are against it.

On this kind of speed dating with Thai bar and GoGo girls just enjoy the situation have fun and the girls will do the same, its quite simple, all the other stuff leave it to the above mentioned people who are mentally blocked anyway and because of that of no help.


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