Pattaya Girls

Local Pattaya and Russian girls

Most Pattaya bar girls are here for business they show what the have in the nightclubs and lounges to earn money with it, in the last few year competition from East Europe moved in mainly from Russia and Ukraine. The local ones are dancing go-go in all kind of sexy outfits, moving their bodies to turn the guys on, I ideal holiday destination for single men.

Most are from northern Thailand; this is the most densely populated part beside Bangkok.

The country has a good mixture of ethnic groups such as Chinese, India,Malay, Arab and other, beautiful and exotic bar girls working here and elsewhere in the night shift. The thing is they all have almost no education because politics don’t give them they chance to get some. They want to keep it that way because on this level they can manipulate them and there is enough low level manpower to keep labor costs down. There is hardly a country with a worst education system as Thailand.

Now they do their job mainly at “walking street” in the hospitality business, at massage shops, karaoke singer, dancer and all imaginable which wont need any education. To earn money in the country is not easy because since the competition is tough.

Many foreigners come every years to have some fun with them because they are uncomplicated and easy going, perfect playing a companion for some weeks or days, other stuff they do is getting some great tattoo, the country is famous for this. If done in the right way they can earn in one week the same as another one in the office get for 2 month, this is attractive considering that behind each of them usually is a complete family somewhere in the north who is dependent on them. Almost every women over around 20 years has a baby living with the family which consists normally of 3 generations under one roof.

Some ladies try hard to grab a foreigner

into a closer relationship and some of the guys even move to Thailand and they stay together, this is somehow like hitting a jackpot because it means to be out from the usual mess of having no income. In the northeast there are several villages where all houses have been built by foreigners since the women managed to angle a guy from far away. This those usually have a much better education than the Thai’s they start businesses and do something. Many locals don’t like that because they are not capable to do the same and come with all kind of tricks against them, it’s a real nasty mélange of grid and incompetence. There is no nightlife anywhere in the north with the exception of Chiang Mai, now where to go?


Pattaya Walking StreetPattaya Girl

Walking Street and bar girls                    At at open air bar

Pattaya walking street

is one of the answers the activities they do here wont need some special skills, it’s mostly horizontal business. Everyone likes it, also almost all ladies, it is definitely not true as many people bark that they are forced to do it.

The foreign guys come to this place at the eastern seaboard on the Gulf of Thailand to have fun and party with young and sexy ladies and maybe if main parameters are met a longer period to live together is started. Want to meet these cute ladies? After take them to a girl friendly hotel, that’s the ones where you wont have problems to take them with.

Have a look around walking street, browse some shopping malls etc. the possibility to find a nice and positive thinking lady are very high.

A somehow hybrid version are ladyboys, they are always around and can easily be spotted e.g. at the airport since Thai International Airways is one of the major companies employing them plus they are visible in the nightlife scene, but be careful they are emotionally very unstable, read more about the girls here.


Pattaya Ladyboys

Ladyboy go-go nightclub

Ladyboys and the gay scene

are here in the sexy business and many foreigners come just because they like them for certain use, since they also like the same its a win win situation everyone benefits somehow.

With all of them the complexion plays a major role. If they are from Bangkok and the north they have a rather white complexion. Many women use umbrellas to avoid  the sun,Thailand girls don’t like dark skin since they think dark skin indicates a low social value, actually the complexion is a very big issue and not only here. There is a whole industry trying to make money with all kind of skin whitener.

In the south west but not only, the girls are changing in their appearance and much more women wear a scarf since they are Muslims, it is not very often that women wear a burka, but they have. Since many girls in the south have their roots in former Malay, differences in appearance become visible.

Thailand sexy

Thailand sexy lady

Sexy and pretty girls

are around, over the centuries Thailand had a huge influx of foreigners in particular from India and of the Arab peninsular.

Thai girls usually are quite sexy, a little thin but usually very appealing and you can play with them, your wildest sexy dreams might come true. Trying to find a girlfriend is no big deal, there are several places to consider, first of course bars and nightclubs, but you also can have a look around at shopping malls, many are around there. But stay away from ladyboys and other working at the main tourist areas this will bring you for sure problems. Freelancer are either sick, ugly or criminals.

The picture left shows one of the alleys branching off walking street, there are plenty. That continuous at Beach Road, they are all freelancing, they come from all over to make some quick money.

Pattaya Bars

Bars at city center

At go-go bars women, guys and ladyboys are working

They often works at cross over bars such as the Obsessions Club. At discos, clubs, nightclubs you can do dating on location; this is much more interesting as abstract online dating. What is better as to have a girls in front of you and a good chance that she goes with you instead of lots of bla-bla which usually leads to nothing anyway.

No needs to start thinking to much about this and that, there are so many


Pattaya Bar Girls

GoGo girls at walking street

Pattaya Bar Girls are a vissal pleasure

who just hang around and wait for a guy like you. In our website you can discover plenty of sexy Thai girls and if you like also Russian girls Pattaya who opened up a complete new means of business for guys from south Asia and the middle east. As you will see many are beautiful singles. Most of them are free Thai girls since they come and go as whey want, it’s not like in Europe and elsewhere where they are under the control of men.

Pattaya Gay Bars

Pattaya gay bars at center

Just traveling from their hometowns in the north to the tourist centers of the south. At a more close encounter look first since there are plenty ladyboys who are very pretty and it’s sometimes difficult to figure out are they male or female.

Gay bars can be found at a side street of beach road. You can also do some dating at Obsessions lounge and other around the same area, they are there by the hundreds.

Actually there is nothing better for a guy as when a cute “butterfly” start to turn him on and don’t think this is something special that goes on in most nightclubs, bars, hotels, massage shops and manually under the table in the hope nobody can see it, ok but everyone knows it and there is nothing to say against human nature.


Russian girls in Thailand

Russian girls in Thailand

Russian girls Pattaya

Russian girls Pattaya at walking street

Russian girls in Pattaya

are the result of globalization and there are not only that, there are also Ukraine and others from the former Russian Republics in Asia which are independent now such as Kazakhstan etc.

They are not only here plenty work in Bangkok and Phuket, although it is strictly forbidden they have no problems doing the job. If you believe it or not prostitution is forbidden in Thailand, it’s ridiculous considering the facts.

Ladyboys Freelancer at Beach RoadLadyboys Freelancer Beach Road

Ladyboys Freelancer at Beach Road

Pattaya Beach RoadThailand Ladies