Jomtien Beach Pattaya

Jomtien has a crowded beach in front and high rise buildings behind, not only foreigners are around here it is also a playground for the crowd from Bangkok since it is only a two hour drive from the capital. All water sports are available such as scuba diving, para sailing, jet skiing, banana boat etc.

Behind the beach road and in front of the apartment and hotel buildings

are plenty of restaurants, shops and bars. These things make Jomtien a good place for holiday or retirement a good place to live for everyone. The whole is like the beach towns of Spain, Hawaii, Brazil and other spots on the globe.

No much adventure with the girls and nightlife is around here and the lifestyle and atmosphere is a bit different, means quieter. But all this won’t matter a lot because a 10 minute ride to the north is the other part of Pattaya City with all tourist attractions someone can think about.

There are also some interesting Buddhist related places around such as Wat Photisamphan, Wat Nong Yai and other which brings a touch of culture into the town.

This area becomes more a place for retirement and where Russian tourist mainly move, it is really amazing to see this transition of Russians moving in and others moving out.

Jomtien Beachfront


Jet skiingBanana Boat ride
Beach and Jet skiing                                   Banana Boat Ride

Jomtien Pattaya
View towards north


The beach is ideal playground not only for the kids.

Beach Sport parasailing
Water Sport parasailing

Jomtien Beach Hotels
Beach Hotels and apartments

Jomtien Thailand
Waterborn action with the “banana”

Thailand holiday
Jomtien Beach jet ski rider

Pattaya Beach Girls
Beach Girls of a different kind

Pattaya Sailing
Fun and sailing