Pattaya Beaches, Walking Street, Fun & Nightlife

The city is a urban extension of Bangkok and for sure not the place for people who want quiet holiday. There are plenty of other busy holiday destinations on planet earth but this one has a special twist. This is the combination of nightlifegirlsgreat beach hotels, especially at Jomtien and all for very reasonable prices, actually only Phuket can match this. On top of it whole Thailand is a very safe place compared to places in the Caribbean, south America plus Africa and on top of it nobody will get bored. Enjoy the beaches during the day at Klang, Nuea, Jomtien and other. There are excellent restaurants almost everywhere, they offers a wide choice of accommodation to suit every budget ranging  from luxury hotels, beach hotels, bungalows, villas, cheap accommodations, resorts and apartments.

The trip Bangkok to Pattaya is only around 2 hours by bus and to the Airport it’s also also around 2 hours. The best means of transport are motorbike taxi and for further distance the bus is the choice. If you are fed up with all this ugly buildings just drive around one hour to the east towards the Cambodia border.

There its pure agricultural countryside with rive fields, sugar cane, rubber tree, tapioca and other agriculture plantings.

Transportation runs through Chonburi, that’s the province the city is in. Driving the coast road is very time consuming, there is a motorway a few km to the east. The buses at the costal road run in intervals of around 30 minutes, no need to wait long time.


It’s beach, girls and nightlife, attractions are go-go bars,

lounges, music bars, restaurants and plenty of other stuff and what is this all for? Its rather easy to find out, guess! They want one thing ! this is money.

That’s what it’s all about, money and you are here to spend money and get something in return. Usually lots of fun and maybe a nice women who try to make you happy and with the money she get from you she will get her family somewhere in the north happy, the result?

Nightlife has also a social function at the very basic roots. The only people how don’t understand this are foreigners usually from Europe and the US who always talk bad about them, they don’t understand social behavior in countries where the people have no social security. In Thailand the people have not the European luxury, the facts are, no work, no money. But Thailand is one of the countries with the most holidays, counting average it means one day additional holiday per week, read more.

Pattaya Walking Street Nightlife
Pattaya Walking Street

Here is walking street Pattaya,

the center of gravity in the night and there is really something going of, this is one of the most busy nightlife quarter on earth. Here is everything which runs under that definition, the guys come here by the thousands to catch the good times at least when thy are on vacation.

Just imagine when they are living in places like Pakistan or Arab countries where they mentally live in the middle ages, the men come to Thailand at least for a week or two to get out of this mess.


Pattaya Walking Street
Pattaya Walking Street

The third great experience is the availability without problems of positive thinking girls which is just the right timing for your holiday.

Just walk into a bar, go-go or coyote dancing bar and there are dozens of women who try to have some fun with tourists for some cash in return.

No need to look like a movie star, even when you are handicapped most Bar Girls are positive and let you enjoy some sexy nightlife without any problems.

Jomtien Beach
Other Pattaya Beaches

Pattaya Beaches at Klang Beach
Klang Beach Gulf of Thailand

Pattaya Nightlife is mainly going on around walking Street and beach road

and at Jomtien Beach is less noise and no girls, it’s more for families and retired people who want to have it quiet in the night. During the day the waterfront is very busy.

Pattaya Girls
Pattaya Girls in full swing

Jomtien Beach
Very busy Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Banana Boat Ride
Banana Boat Ride

Jomtien Jet skiing
Jet skiing gun

Pattaya Beach
action at the waterfront

Pattaya Beach Road Girls
Beach Road Girls Business

The city is probably the number one nightlife and entertainment area in Thailand because everything is compact and concentrated on two places this is the city with Klang, Walking Street and Nuea and about 2km to the south its Jomtien, a fishing village only until two decades ago and now somehow better than Honolulu and places in Europe such as Benidorm in Spain. But it needs to mention this is mass tourism.

There are some attempts to transform the city into a rather up market tourist destination which is not a good idea since one of the main reason people come her, including Russian girls. This seaside town south east of Bangkok is made to have fun for the foreigners and to earn money for the the Thais with a rather low education in the nightlife business, such as massage parlors with dozens of girls waiting like here at beach road

Nuea Beach
Beaches at Nuea with high rise buildings, hotels and apartments
Pattaya Holiday and Seafood
Holiday and Seafood


At the big massage parlors the offer”soapy massage” and more for around Baht 2500,- per session, prices are negotiable. If you like the Thai massage girl and she says yes you also can take her with you and pay a daily fee.

The proximity to the capital is an ideal combination because of the proximity and if it needs a “visa run” or some gambling, Cambodia  is only about 2 hours drive to the east over a excellent road by minibus, they offer the trip everything included and offload the people conveniently at the casino on the Cambodian side, they also bring you back.

Holiday at the seaside, maybe at Nuea Beach has many positive sides and temptations. It is also possible to buy apartments at the rise apartments blocks at Jomtien Beach and elsewhere, its a Russian frenzy currently (2013) high rise apartment blocks are almost directly on the waterfront the road in between and a good beach environment around. There is probably no country on the globe where there are more

Pattaya Bangkok Bus Airport
Bus at the Airport

Pattaya Beach Road
Pattaya Beach Road 
is a very busy busy stretch day and night full with restaurants, shops, bars, some tailors in between and in the small roads branching off are again dozens of bas, go-go bars, nightclubs and other entertainment places. There is also one of this branch roads which is dedicated to gay entertainment with boys go-go and also plenty of ladyboys in some of the bars.


Russian girls Pattaya
Russian girls Pattaya at walking street

single and free girls

around at nightlife places in Thailand such as here, Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and elsewhere, but there are not only Thai girls around, in resent years Russian Girls became a kind of trademark which lures guys from south Asia and Arab countries to the city, they all dream about a night with a Russian Girl at Pattaya, this is no yoke!

Attractive Thai ladies, Ladyboys and and gay oriented guys plus lesbian oriented girls are coming to the tourist spots from everywhere in Thailand working as Thai Bar Girls and other jobs.

The nightshift jobs in Thailand’s tourist places are for sure more easy and bring much more money as working in the paddy fields everyone dream of a better and more exciting life and many Thai girls hit the jackpot (not always) when they become a Thai bride to one of the foreigners. The western guys, called “farangs” are object of desire since it mostly implicates better life is coming, but sometimes not.

Pattaya Photos
Pattaya Photos view from east side of walking street
Pattaya photos with view from east side of walking street

Floating Restaurant
Floating restaurant in the bay
Pattaya Photos Girls
Go-Go Girls at walking street


Restaurants and exotic food

Seafood RestaurantSeafood Restaurant Lobster
Seafood Restaurant with lobster and mussels with big lobster

Restaurant KitchenPattaya Street Food
Typical restaurant kitchen                                                          Pattaya Street Food Grill and BBQ


Wet and dry markets in the city

City Market
Entrance to main city market

City Markets
City market near the IT mall

There is a good market close to the IT Mall, it’s a bit difficult to find because the entrance it totally blocked with all kind stalls which actually hide the market entrance, see the markets Entrance, left picture.

If you’ve had enough of beaches, sightseeing and running around discover the real exotic Thailand, with exotic items and animals probably never seen before in a market. Further inside a place are dozens of clothing and textile shops,this is largest largest market; this is the place the local go. There are also street food stalls with all kind of Thai fast food, think twice before you eat this stuff.